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The WHIMSYUM's Centers  For  New  Directions...
                             Join our list for the most up-to-date info:

  Almost as up-to-date is our Activities Calendar:, + some of the other buttons on the left of this page offer an exploration of up-to-date community programs/activities/ resources, but we are always adding new programs, so there are always unfinished pages, as well as some programs that we offer for awhile then take a break & offer at a later da
 Though many of our programs that are accessible to the public are thru the centers listed below, this page hasn't been updated in awhile, & there is much new, not mentioned below happening at The WHIMSYUM:

1).  The Center For New Directions for Kundalini Yoga & the Kundalini Yoga Community monthly brings the community together with INTERACTIVE Kundalini Yoga combined
 in an afternoon with 2 other gatherings which are a nexus for several positive communities; for details click their button o the left or 
join our new low volume list:

The Center For New Directions in Dances Of Universal Peace, Sacred Circle Dance, Sufi Dance, & Devotional Singing, collaborates with above gathering, click their link & join the list above.

3).  Center For New Directions In Massage Therapy:  
AFFIRMassage!  & the New 8 Handed Massage:  We've gifted to the community a new Mind-Body-Spirit-Epiphany Group Practice, a new local & global movement of Mind-Body-Spirit ACTIVISM!!!  Click button at left of this page
 for local & global gatherings-workshop details & join the list above ( they also collaborate with the monthly gathering above!

4).  The Center For New Directions for Contra Dance collaborates with the Center for New
 Directions for Games & the LA Creative Games Community & Other Communities, --every other month in a Surrealist Games Party, Dance, Dinner & other activities --click their links to the left for more info, & join the list above; + SPECIAL OUTDOOR CONTRA DANCE series info...

5).  WEEK
 DAY DAYTIME OUTSIDE THE BOX COMMUNITY GATHERINGS, PLAYSHOPS, PRACTICE GROUPS, cLASSES, DANCES, ETC!!!:  Connect w/people who live by their own rhythms & don't focus their life around being in synch with 9 to 5 lifestyle!:  Activities happening:  Check all center pages listed here ( our page posting just weekday daytime activities will be up soon!).

6).  LA INTERACTIVE BREATHWORK & CHAKRA TONING Community Gatherings, Playshops & Practice Groups, & Classes --are active & page is up.

7).  Center For New Directions For Women is offering public Outside The Box WOMEN'S Gatherings

8). Center For New Directions For Men is offering public Outside The Box MEN'S Gatherings, info is posted thru the HUMAN POTENTIAL ARTS Sharing Dojo.  

9).  Center For New Directions For Belly Dance Community:  INTERACTIVE BELLY-DANCE-JAMS, Inspirational Belly Dance Circles, BELLYDANCERS OPEN MIKE, Free Lessons & More!

10).  Limited # of PRIVATE SESSIONS are once again available periodically w/Founder WRP Diana.

11).  1-on-1 Time to Talk w/Outside The Box Spiritual Peers, monthly, free (see Human Potential Arts)

12).  Tantra & Human Potential:  Center For New Directions in Tantra page is up, + descriptions of Playshops offered 

13).  More happening regularly that isn't posted yet:  New pages being created & others updated, check back periodically :) for descriptions of new kinds of activities, resources, occupations, etc... offered by our different centers!


                         To contact The WHIMSYUM,  join our new, low volume, email list at               
 (if you don’t want to create a yahoo ID or email, you can simply send a blank email w/word

                 subscribe in it  to join).  
Much is posted on our list above that doesn't make it to the website here.

At this time The

 WHIMSYUM is for individuals / organizations connecting to participate &/or collaborate
 in our free &

by-donation-no-one-turned-away gatherings/classes/resources.

       Phone# contact is only given

at in-person gatherings (when requested).


can  periodically check our Calendar page, our Home page buttons, & this New Directions Centers
 page to see some of the new things that are happening, + some of the active buttons  to the left will lead you to lists/addresses to be 

connected.  Soon more contacts will be provided for West LA & global activities, resources, 

projects,  + opportunities:  We look forward to exploring & delight in the adventure
 with you!


                                 Participating in the  MEMESTITUTES
        ( click here for a brief description on our home page; more details will be posted soon )

   Interested in participating? Please join us!:
***Participating in the Memestitutes is different than participating in the public activities on our Calendar page.***

Participating in the Memestitutes is free & requires only a positive, open minded attitude, desire to
 support & enrich people/world around you, ability to focus for at least an hour at a time; + availability
to reliably commit some time.  Eventually we'll post more details but for now:
a). if you're in So Cal express your interest to participate to the founder, WRP Diana, at any event      on our 
Calendar (she's informal & accessible to everyone); or 
b). if you're elsewhere, join 
our list, or keep checking the site here; programs for public access will              be posted soon (sooner if you contribute, or inspire others to contribute, to our fundraiser).

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