The WHIMSYUM  Future Studies Institute
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   LA Surrealist, Improv, Movement, Homemade --Hilarious, Imaginative &/or Inspirational, Social/Interactive ~* GAMES *~ & Creative Activities of the FUTURE & the Past!    OUTDOORS Community GATHERINGS,  FREE & By Donation!     CoCreation between diverse communities & individuals 
         The WHIMSYUM Center For New Directions For The Games Community!

Other Free Community Gatherings happen Before &/or After:

oin our low-volume email list to get invites/info sooner!:

Right now we're just hosting ongoing Series, below : Check Back For Future Drop-In Gatherings!):

JAN.  11:30am to 1:30pm: Ongoing Series 1 Wednesday Monthly: opening for more people to join us in Jan; Scroll way down for info & to register!)


Additional Social/Interactive Games & Activities!:  
Parlor Games, 'New Games', 19th Century Play-party games, Relay Races, Creative Connective Get-To-Know-You Games, (& occasionally some gatherings running around with super silly, super zany, senseless ridiculousness!...), etc! :)  Games that involve social interaction, being active or not spending the whole time sitting, engage imagination--using mind & senses in new/unaccustomed ways; or some which give the mind a break to refresh & JUST use senses/ exercise our body with sound, movement, &/or touch; + sometimes even play with intuition :) Also workshop-like activities/games for inspiration & to explore, exercise, expand the limits of our individual & collective human potentials, mind body & spirit.   Most of the time we overflow with hilarity & explode w/loud bursts of laughter!  Celebrate life & share interaction, adventure, excitement & imaginative new frontiers with whimsical playful, wacky, hilarious, inspiring, open-minded, supportive people.  FREE & BY DONATION ( no one turned away for lack of funds --just sometimes a basket at the side of the gathering towards renting indoor/outdoor space to fit this large growing gathering during the cooler/damper months; & getting equipment )

Other free or donation Community Gatherings with interactive social community activities gatherings are generally before or after gatherings:  We’re part of a large network of friends from diverse communities who get together & host daylight hour activities gatherings focused on celebrating life together in person in the real world, not spending our life on the net!:  Please share suggestions for gatherings you’d like to see or host --no matter how unusual, --& brainstorm with us at gatherings: the possibilities are infinite!

Gatherings are generally between 11am & 5pm (*WEEKDAYS* as well as *SAT & SUN* !!!), so we can be outdoors as much of the year as possible --both with more space for active games, + not have to contain our movement or voices, or rent or arrange indoor space except during LA’s short wet/cooler season.

We celebrate friendship, collaboration/cocreation, leadership from people of any background no matter their: style choices, shape, lifestyle, state of fitness, educational background, financial situation, age, skin color, sexual preferences, spiritual path, behavior preference ( hyper people, quiet people...), etc...:): This community celebrates the wisdom & practice of focusing on positive thought, sharing positive energy & actions. Eat good food, share giggle-fits, help each other grow a few new brain cells & maybe even get in shape & support each other thru this adventure, make love not war :)

    Party/Conversation GAMES While Strolling!

Stroll while getting to know whimsical awesome people, & the world, in new ways thru games which provide an informal, comfortable atmosphere to explore & enjoy the facets of each other’s personality – no matter how different we are.  Share some giggles, feel good in a beautiful walk outdoors !  1 of the most universal things about people who live over 100 is they walk at least a mile a day -- & it's so much more FUN playing games!


A variety of great party games are planned:  Improv games, Conversation games, Surrealist games, & new WHIMSYUM games!  Anyone’s welcome to share their favorites as long as it’s not a board/card game. 

  Right now we're combining w/the Upbeat Sci-Fi/Fantasy Tribe Drop-In gatherings, instead of doing a commitment group; but check calendar for future commitment groups:

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