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        & resources for Contra Dance & Contra Community Locally/
Globally at The WHIMSYUM

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Previous Event ( Example of our Upcoming Outdoor Contra Dance Series!):
4:30 pm to 7:00 pm!
 (Dinner After, 2 blocks away):  ANNUAL END of SUMMER CELEBRATION! 
  Join us in a Party, Potluck & DANCE OUTDOORS!  Waltz, Freestyle, Bellydancing to start, then CONTRA DANCE w/Live Gypsy/Mideast Music w/new Contra band ~*PIRATICAL!*~ in the shade w/coastal breezes in the magic of the beautiful Learning Garden: Try being lead blindfolded thru a Waltz!  Edible PLANTS GIVEAWAY! Dinner Meetup after (bring funny amusing things to share if you like). Ends w/a Romantic Waltz at Sunset!  Share this page w/your communities to Support Daylight, Outdoor, FREE & By Donation Contra Dances w/fun new activities in LA/SoCal! Show off your latest costume creations (costumes enjoyed but not required)!
Hosted by all the So Cal creative, cultural, athletic, holistic, positive, & outside the box communities, groups & individuals synergizing thru The WHIMSYU
M & will be attended by more diverse community than regular Contra Dances, come celebrate our w/us!
Party at the Garden:  4:30 to 7:00pm):

4:30 p.m:  BELLYDANCE-JAM, WALTZ, or FREESTYLE DANCING w/PIRATICAL!:  Try Bellydancing or Freestyle dancing socially/interactively w/others or individually; -- or do a traditional Waltz... or try being lead thru a Waltz blindfolded & completely surrender to the ecstasy of Waltzing!

+  Contra Dancing INTRO LESSON For 1st-timers (if you've never done Contra before, try not to miss this!);


7:30 p.m.  DINNER MEETUP at Hurry Curry (Indian Restaurant):  Great find at the last party!: Delicious inexpensive food (new entrees, not on menu, are continuously added by chef, so halfway thru meal you
can try something new)! Comfortable chairs; food’s picked up at counter in separate room --no waiters
 come to dining room so dinners feel comfortable to hangout as long as they like! Some of us will bring funny/amusing things to share (like Contra/Square dancer Tom Landis’s book of Pun cartoons) --bring something to share if you like!   RSVPs for dinner helpful to make sure you're at our table.

PARTY:  The Learning Garden, 2424 Walgrove Ave, Venice 90066:  
nter 1st Driveway on left, thru Gate!  
in Courtyard/Patio:  2nd Path to the left when you enter the garden.
DINNER:  Hurry Curry:  12825 Venice Blvd (couple of blocks from party, east on Venice Blvd).

Cost:     Bring a POTLUCK Refreshment to share if you like.  Dance/Party is FREE! 
Dinner's at a restaurant so it's not. 

***The only hosted part of the party is the dance, --but people are welcome to stroll or sit & hangout in
the many lovely areas of the garden:
 Greenhouse Tea-room w/fountain, mini-Ampitheater, pond w/turtles, Chinese Medicinal Herb Garden, Western Medicinal Herb Garden Dessert Garden --the garden is large, there are many sitting areas.***
Additional Pre-activities may be added, check back here!

Examples of some Exotic Culinary Delights being brought to the party: Remember bringing potluck
 is great but optional
, as there’s the Dinner meetup afterwards:

1). Persian Fesenjun (Pomogranate juice, Walnut, & Olive oil creamed in thick sauce on Chicken)

2). Persian Orange-Nut Rice (Rice w/Carmelized Oranges, Pistachios & Almonds)
3). Moroccan B’stella ( like Baklava but main dish rather than a dessert: Filo dough-pastry filled w/Chicken, eggs, Nuts, Honey, dessert spices)

4). A kind of Baba Ghanoush ( Eggplant/ vegetable dish) that's not creamy but instead refreshing
 & melts in your mouth.

5). Organic Salad fresh picked from garden (greens, flower petals, tomatoes, etc; w/simple Grapeseed
 oil/ Apple Cider vinegar dressing; welcome to bring other if you like)

6). Natural Sorbet/ Italian Ice (probably Mango/Passionfruit flavored)

7). Watermelon

8). Ice Cream w/some kind of chocolateness

9). Bottled Water

      Read About The Contra Dance Center:

A.     UPCOMING  Quarterly LA/ So Cal Contra Dance Community Party
& OUTDOOR, DAYTIME, FREE & By Donation New CONTRA DANCE SERIES w/other activities & Fun New Directions/ resources for the Contra Dance community!


   C.         Find Contra DANCES NEAR YOU!

     D.  DESCRIPTION of Wacky GAME ‘MAUI’ a Contra Dancer Tradition! J

E.        WHY a Center For New Directions for Contra Dance & Support for     the Contra Dance Community Locally/Globally?

Center For New Directions In Morris Dance + support for Morris Dance communities!


A.     Quarterly LA/ So Cal Contra Dance Community Party & OUTDOOR, DAYTIME, FREE & By Donation New  CONTRA DANCE SERIES w/other activities & Fun New Directions/ resources for the Contra Dance community!
The dance is part of a NEW SERIES, which will be starting soon, quarterly; will ALTNERNATE Between a 5th Sunday, or SATURDAY/ SUNDAY earlier before other dances), *AND* a WEEKDAY at Lunchtime to expose new communities, + provide community for people who don't do the 9 to 5 life.


The DANCE  has a light structure w/continual dance interaction w/everyone ( not just your partner) –
that is at the same time romantic, exciting & inspires lots of playfulness, spontaneous laughter, & a feeling of camaraderie w/everyone in the room.  Everyone is incorporated in the dance, so everyone gets to dance w/everyone in the room: No wallflowers!  A traditional dance evolved & changed over the years to be an unusual amazing experience w/a mix of live traditional music fused w/different kinds of music.  A unique urban phenomenon in the friendliest community.
By the end of the nite people feel elated.

Bring clothing you’re comfortable moving & sweating in; shoes w/smooth bottom so you’ll slide some (or at least very comfortable shoes for walking/dancing all nite). People often bring 2nd shirt to change into at break.


LA/SoCal Contra Dance Community List:  New dances are posted immediately to email list, but may not yet be on front page:  Join list for most recent updates!

     West LA Dances hosted by The WHIMSYUM & other related Free & By     Donation Activities we host or sponsor:


  D.  MAUI’:  A Hilarious, Wacky, Exciting ~*GAME*~ & Contra
Dancer  Tradition! 

   Some notes to decide whether it’s something you’d like:

1).  It focuses around playing a card game while following a constant flow    of silly, playful, & completely ridiculous rules:  The winner of each round get’s to create & add a new rule (…something they’re perfectly happy to do over & over:  this’s a friendly game…not ‘Truth or Dare’).  Part of the humor, & excitement, is the complete ridiculousness & challenge of attempting to remember, & *do* all the rules (generally most people don’t), *plus* catch other players not doing them.

2).  Maui is for folks who don’t care about winning…:  who either enjoy attempting to keep track of a bunch of silly things going on at the same time &trying to win, --~OR~ enjoy the humor of not keeping track of them...  Plus enjoying how things are made even funnier by silly things happening all at the same time.

3).  Though some folks are relaxed playing the game, --some enjoy the wacky intensity of thinking quick & keeping on top of everything amongst barrages of silly things:  & Often things happen so quickly folks have moved on to the next thing before you’ve barely gotten a chance to think about or notice what just happened: People will often exclaim at each other in the throws of the action –but with a light heart & often while choking with laughter.  So MAUI is a game for folks who like being around intense high energy, & an intense, but surreal, wacky sense of competition J

E.    WHY a Center For New Directions for Contra Dance & Support of the Contra Dance Community locally & globally?

(site under construction, this section will have info soon!)
Center For New Directions In Morris Dance + support for Morris Dance communities:   
Why Morris Dance?...  What is Morris Dance?
under construction; check back!

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