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New community programs are running, more are starting soon!  Calendar of the events we host: 

All activities & resources are sent to our low-volume email list (not everything makes it to our site here!),  Join the 

      Some pages are up, some are not; or unfinished:   Periodically check Calendarhome page buttons (to
        the left), &
New Directions Centers page --for What's New!:  

Our focus is in-person activities & projects, not 
internet presence; but soon we hope to have more volunteers & staff to not only update pages with all we're doing &  planning, but make it more user friendly, & include an unusual new

local & global online network we've created.

    Out  B E Y O N D  Conventional Ideas of Life                   

                 There is a Hidden Landscape All Around You...

                                   SEEK WHAT MOVES YOU

                            & Find Others to MEET YOU THERE!

Science Fiction / Fantasy applied to everyday life in a new kind of community arena:  Open to anyone & everyone who is inspired  --where we create new, sustainable, extremely imaginative activities, occupations, resources, city planning, ways of living, etc…  to use our human potential & birthright of living every moment on the edge of wonder.

                                                    …The REST Of The STORY:

                      ~ WHY close your book & END YOUR STORIES

                   with ‘HAPPILY EVER AFTER’?...  Why do books end there?...

            Ever WONDERED what happens in THAT PART OF THE STORY? 

                                                        TAKE PART IN IT!

     ~Don`t live your Life experiencing Only a Part of Who You Are & what life offers:

                      Your Whimsies are Your Treasure Map.

                    Live like a PIRATE -- Revel in Your Passions

               & Recognize their Power to Create & Recreate the World!~

  Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.  --Margaret Mead

     Join us in exploring, engaging, celebrating, LIVING--humans’/earth's

/the universes’ potentials,  + the mysteries between & BEYOND…,  *NOW* in an arena which operates in the new frontiers space that exists beyond *unperceived* barriers:  

     The WHIMSYUM has created 'MEMEstitutes' where people from diverse backgrounds brainstorm & collaborate to identify, then dispense with, unseen barriers in everyday life which suppress natural potential (e.g. not being aware of how our daily habits, or our perceptions &/or acceptance of how to run & structure a city, --affect us).  Then,
the MEMEstitues offer new directions thru creating not just new, but new KINDS, --of free & by-donation
community activities,  resources, occupations, environments, projects, curriculum, contexts & patterns for living
…at our New Directions Centers.  Interested in participating?:  Click here to read more...

Share who you are & the unique untapped gifts that every individual brings, in an awesome exhilarating experience of life in this reciprocative community of spiritual & imaginative activism; for people who think outside the box who want to challenge, expand, enrich their & their community's experience & potential

We’re a free-spirited, extremely imaginative, multi-discipli

nary, multigenerational, interactive, undauntibly upbeat, friendly philanthropic network of individuals from all walks of life who are putting their dreams in motion, or are living the life of their dreams -- supporting each other to make this happen:  The WHIMSYUM is filled with people who are not just talking about, or planning, to redesign the world to reflect their fantasies—but many have been living with quite different structures, resources, communities, lifestyles, etc… for years:  We stand behind the knowledge that Everyone has a unique gift they can enjoy contributing to the world, without struggling or martyrdom; & that Everyone on this planet deserves to experience a life filled with magic, comfort, & delight;  spending every moment in mind-body-spirit epiphany:  Created when people actually live utilizing their potentials, --& using the continuously evolving knowledge & wisdom we've been gathering for centuries.
                                                  New primary colors…

 The WHIMSYUM is centered around the practice & wisdom of focusing on positive thoughts & intentions, sharing positive energy & actions. *~

   We celebrate friendship, collaboration/cocreation, & leadership from people of any    background no matter their:  style choices, lifestyle, shape, educational background, financial situation, age, skin color, state of fitness, sexual preferences, spiritual path, behavior preference ( hyper people, quiet people...), etc...

Content copyright The WHIMSYUM & WRP Diana 1984, 1991, 1998,  2014.  All rights reserved.


                            ACTIVITIES CALENDAR

     Join our low volume email list,  not all events are posted on the sit

e here!:

Saturday OCT. 8, 2nd Saturdays, 1:00pm to 4:00pm!

THURSDAY, AUGUST 18, 3:30pm to 5:00pm:

SCROLL DOWN for  DESCRIPTIONS + more Gatherings:

   (We have drop-in gatherings 1 Saturday monthly + sometimes on a Weekday before five o'clock, in West LA. Daytime group series as well, join list for details & to register!) 
                    HOME PAGE:

          ~                 ~                    ~                       ~                          ~                      ~       


                  THURSDAY, AUGUST 18:  3:30pm to 5:00pm 
                         at The Learning Garden (see below)


SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 18:  4:00pm to 6:00pm  at DIFFERENT LOCATION (to be posted)


Improv GAMES, Conversation Games, & Other Party Games Outdoors! (most moving around, some seated )
                                         Drop-In, Community Gathering

        Celebrate the warm season w/the LA Creative Games community & other positive communities !  Join us outdoors in the garden for the kind of fun, funny, creative, & get-to-know-you games that you’d share w/friends at a summer party.  These games provide fun, new, informal contexts to get to know people, & most will offer a bit of moving around, so we don't spend most of the gathering seated; though there will be 1 or 2 seated games today.  A variety of terrific games are planned, & anyone is welcome to share their favorites!   

Though you can drop-in & lead a game, -- if you want to make sure to have a particular slot of time to lead a game, --please contact Diana (below).



Beverage for yourself ( the garden has no water fountain!).

Comfortable, Flexible Clothing

Snack if you need it, & your always welcome to bring treats to add to the afternoon's fun!

Sunscreen/hat if you need it; if we're outdoors there's both shade & sun.


  $5 to $20 always appreciated to support the gatherings, but  not required to participate! 

Learning Garden: 2428 Walgrove Ave., Venice/ LA 90066  No visible street address!:  
This is just a google earth guess:  Learning Garden is on corner of Venice Blvd & Walgrove.  Entrance on Walgrove,  South of Venice Blvd, East side of Walgrove. Street Parking.  If Gate is closed it's Unlocked --just lift up stake & enter.  Take 2nd path on left which opens onto courtyard --then walk across the courtyard to picnic tables under the trees. 

PHOTO OF ENTRANCE:,-118.4458266,3a,90y,48.61h,81.08t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sZfJZEXi-C_nq_kjtfv_52g!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1  

***Call Diana for questions (310)936-3150 no text messages; fine to leave voicemail 24hrs: ***Phone will be on til 3:45pm (...though we may not hear it as the games start at 3:15pm), we aren't reachable via internet/email the day of the gathering*** 

Release & let go w/an afternoon of laughter & playfulness w/wonderful people!

        ~                 ~                    ~                       ~                          ~                      ~             

2 Upcoming Series:

Pre-registration required

Part 1 : 2nd Saturdays OCT. thru JAN, 1:00pm to 4:00pm

                                         plus --

2nd Tuesdays DEC. thru MAR.: 12:00pm to 3:00pm

~* LA OUTSIDE-the-BOX WOMEN ! *~  Love-Filled, Playful, Physically Active, Body-Celebrating, Positive MAGICK CIRCLES !  Celebrate & Support Each Other Thru CoCreated Ritual & Traditions!

description & registration info posted shortly here:

4 Playshops ( once  a month)  over 4 Months: 

        Series is pre-requisite for attending Magick Part 2: Either our 2 COED groups coming together in Jan;   ~OR~ a WOMEN-Only Part 2

        ~                 ~                    ~                       ~                          ~                      ~             

  Upcoming Series: JAN. 24 thru JUN. 27: 4th Tuesdays, 12:00 pm to 3:00pm 


     AFFIRMassage!   Community Series:  6 Playshops, COED 

     In groups of 5 (taught in several different ways):  1 person lies down (fully clothed) on a massage table, requests support for what they most need & want in their life, --then 4 people shower them simultaneously w/therapeutic Massage (including new WHIMSYUM techniques) *and* shower them w/ Positive Affirmations, Healing Sound, new creative therapeutic & playful metaphysical practices, & LOVE --which celebrate them & support the manifestation of their request. Then they get up & give while the next person in their group of 5 lies down & receives.  Taught simply & easily, no experience necessary!   Creates bursts of celebration within & deeply releases patterns from mind, body & spirit!:  

    6 gatherings (6 Months) in a row:  


                  ~                 ~                                           ~                                 ~                                   

Upcoming Series:

JAN. 24 thru JUN. 27: 4th Tuesdays, 12:00 pm to 3:00pm 

    CoCreate Rituals & Traditions to Celebrate & Support Each Other's Journey!

     Community Series:  6 Playshops, COED

    6 gatherings (6 Months) in a row:

 You must be pre-registered for the AFFIRMassage Community Playshop Series
to Register for this Positive Magick Circle playshop series! 


        ~                 ~                    ~                       ~                          ~                      ~             
WRP Diana is the founder & director of which brings positive new directions to communities locally & globally creating new kinds of activities/occupations/resources, & offering them thru free & by donation community gatherings!

Thank your community for by telling folks about this & inviting your friends!*~






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